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Meet  Me

Since I was little I have always been really attracted and interested in the world of cosmetics, what is beautiful and in general beauty products. A few years ago my body decided not to stand the ordinary cosmetics anymore. I started having weird skin reactions, above all on my face. This confused and demoralised me so I started doubting everything that I had used and praised for years. My skin just couldn’t stand anything anymore!
I started studying the ingredients of my beauty products and I discovered that these ingredients were ruining my health, my skin and the make up I had always used had caused me an eye infection. After that I looked for alternative solutions. I managed to find products that I today use daily and which allow me not to  give up my well being and the use of make up.
My passion grew and I discovered the world of organic make up and the richness it offers. My research became more and more selective and I only bought very high quality products and little by little I managed to solve all my skin problems.
At the beginning the necessity and the will to know more, but above all my passion, led me to deepen, to read, to study and to test on myself various products and I discovered that until that moment I had been feeding my skin with dangerous and cancer causing products which were the reasons for all my skin problems.
I eliminated every single product from my beauty corner and substituted everything with my new organic products. I became a beauty consultant to my friends putting my passion at the service of others. Consequently I decided to open my organic perfume shop in the center of Bologna and soon after my shop became popular with other people who had the same passion as me.
Today I am a head of a team whose duty is to find a selction of niche products tested, evaluated and approved by me.
This will be our space, open to comparison which we will grow together!
Welcome to everyone! For any doubts or questions regarding the products do not hesitate to contact me at

Thanks for visiting my site. I am waiting for you at
Hope you’ll fine some interesting products on my web site.​

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I can't wait to meet you!

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